Children/Young People Safeguarding and Protection

Our Parish endeavours to keep children and young people and vulnerable adults safe with the help of The Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney’s Safeguarding and Ministerial Integrity Office. Parents/Guardians, Children, Young People and Families are encouraged to check the website to access the resources available. You are also encouraged to contact the parish if you wish to make enquiries about the parish’s child safety and protection policies and strategies or to provide suggestions on how to improve them.
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Information and resources on how to keep children and young people safe in our parish

To access the various resources, please click on the titles

Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney’s Commitment Statement from the Church Leaders

The Overview of The Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney Child’s Safeguarding Policy’

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Safeguarding Office contact       The Safeguarding and Ministerial Integrity Office’s resources

The Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney’s Protocol on Managing Child Safeguarding Complaints

Reporting Protocol for Clergy & Workers         Listening to you card       Flowchart: Reporting Safeguarding Complaints

The Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney’s Code of Conduct for Working with Children

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